Tell us how you sleep and we will tell you which pillow is right for you

With a good rest, your day can completely change as you will feel full of energy. On the other hand, your skin will thank you as it will be radiant and full of life. Not only the hours of sleep matter but the quality of it.
A good pillow is the perfect ally for a deep sleep. That is why choosing the ideal pillow is very important. The choice will depend on your sleeping position and personal preferences. We explain more here:

If you sleep on your back:


Position highly recommended by specialists since the spine rests naturally. You also avoid the famous reflux that so afflicts many. The only detail is that it is very common for several people to snore in this position. On the other hand, your skin will appreciate that you lie on your back as it will not pink or squash against the pillow. A light pillow is recommended for this position as it will allow your head to lie down and fall effortlessly. We recommend our Signature pillows orPremium , depending on the level of firmness you prefer.Signature: The finest quality because it is composed of pure goose breast down. Extra soft and light. Provides a feeling of comfort ideal for a luxurious rest. Ideal pillow for people who seek the greatest softness or have a thin texture. If you sleep on your back but like to feel a certain level of lift, we recommend using 2 pillows at the same time. It will be like sleeping on a cloud! Premium:The ideal mix with 50% down and 50% feather to provide greater firmness and achieve a restful sleep. They have an excellent return and at the same time, they do not push the head up. It is the quality that most of our hotel clients handle *..

* The most prestigious hotel chains in Lima and South America use our Plumas products to pamper their guests and provide them with the best possible rest.


If you sleep on your side

¿Of the most comfortable positions truly Reach, lie down and immediately choose this position. Favorable for reducing snoring, reflux and very beneficial for the back and neck. The pillow you have is very important since otherwise, pain in the shoulders and back will occur. That is why we recommend a firmer pillow but above all it fits perfectly with your head and neck. Our pillow Pillow in Pillow It is perfect for this position as it is designed to achieve greater support and return. This is because there are 2 pillows in one. The internal part composed of pure feather, ensuring greater consistency. And on the outside, wrapped by quality feather / down Signature or Premium that provide softness when in contact with your skin. The choice between both qualities, Signature or Premium for our Pillow in Pillow pillows, it will depend on the level of softness or firmness you prefer.

If you sleep on your stomach

Of the three positions presented, we advise you to choose between the first two, since sleeping on your stomach you are more likely to have neck, back and head pain. This will make you feel fatigued and especially annoyed throughout the day. Not to mention also that it is a position where our face will be in contact with the pillow, which favors the appearance of wrinkles. If we do not convince you with these reasons, then we recommend the most suitable pillow for you; our pillow Signature, since it is extremely light and elaborate 100% down , which makes it very smooth. And don't forget to always use pillow protectors 100% cotton to care for and extend the life of your pillows.Find here the ideal pillow for you and enjoy a super discount. 


The feather and down we use for our products are internationally certified RESPONSIBLE DOWN STANDARD , which guarantees respect and humane treatment of animals at all times; and responsible and sustainable consumption.

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