The benefits of feathers, an ideal ally for a quality rest.

 “Sleep is essential to survive. It allows us to be happier, healthier and smarter. It is time to give our dream the respect and attention it deserves” Ying Hui Fu, PHD of UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences. Read this interesting article here

During the hours of sleep, the body carries out vital functions such as hormonal regulation or control of body temperature, among others. All this in order to recover from a day with many activities. Therefore the rest must be effective.

The European Sleep Institute refers to the importance of using correct bedding since when sleeping, the body will always request a cool temperature, which allows you to fall asleep easily. This is not possible with garments that increase body temperature. Or if the environment is very cold, you will not be able to rest with your teeth shivering either. You can read more of this articlelo here


For this reason, the pen becomes the ideal ally in the mission of finding the correct temperature. The boom is - par excellence - the most thermal, lightweight and compact alternative on the market.

But what are feathers?

There are 2 types of filaments when we talk about feathers: the feather and the down, also known as down.

The down or down is exclusively found on the breast of the bird: goose or duck. It has an almost imperceptible nucleus, from which hundreds of very fine and light capillaries come out in the shape of a star or snowflake. It is precisely its shape that gives it the property of repelling moisture with the least possible weight.

The feather is the fiber that covers the entire rest of the animal's body, with the exception of the chest. It has a great thermal insulation property (not as powerful as down), with a greater weight and with a much more perceptible touch sensation due to its structure. A typical feather is formed by a central end called the rachis, this is the axis of the feather. The spine is a light weight structure but it gives it a lot of rigidity. And the base, which is wider, is called a calamus or cannon.



Fill power (FP) or filling capacity

The higher the filling capacity, the higher the heat insulation capacity. The fill power (FP) is measured by the volume that an ounce of pen occupies, resulting in a range between 100 to 1,000, with 1,000 being the maximum capacity. A midrange fill power fluctuates around 600 FP; while the superior qualities are above 800 FP.


Edredón compacto y liviano


Duvets and pillows

The choice between feather, down or a combination of both; will respond to various factors such as budget, personal preferences and / or weather

The feather and down is present in the filling of the quilt , which gives the body that correct level of temperature and warmth, but with a very light weight that does not suffocate. Perfect to get the perfect rest.



Consistencia ideal de la almohada de plumas


It is also present in the composition of the pillows . The feathers allow the body to find the correct position through which it will rest without obstructing the correct functioning of some organs, avoiding reflux or the dreaded snoring. The feathers give the pillow that consistency appropriate to the position of your head. Do not stop reading our article “Tell us how you sleep and I will tell you which pillow you need.”

La pluma es -por excelencia-la alternativa más térmica, ligera y compacta del mercado.


Durability of feather products

Another benefit that the feather offers you is its long useful life. This natural fiber can be washed in water, maintaining its structure. With proper care, pen products can last for more than 10 years.

Feel free to choose the best for this crucial moment in the day. The feather is that element you need to get a deep and restful rest.