PLUMAS: certified in the Responsible Down Standard

As we mentioned in an article, we always use materials that come from farms free of animal abuse. This time we took a step forward, and we became an internationally certified brand under world standards.

At Plumas we are aware of the challenge that comes with obtaining materials in a sustainable way, hand in hand with the care of nature. Concerned about making sure that there is no type of animal abuse, we have the international certification in Responsible Down Standard.

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¿What is RDS?

It is a global standard that allows companies to certify their products under strict conditions in favor of respect for animals. It was developed and revised over years with the help of animal rights organizations, industry experts and various brands against animal abuse and mistreatment.

¿What does it mean to belong to a responsible standard?

It means obtaining the materials for the manufacture of our products, respecting ethical standards and following the best practices for animal welfare in the feather and down sector.

Belonging to a responsible standard implies that the farms from which these materials are obtained are under constant audits and extensive review processes of each of the procedures, in addition to respecting some key regulations:

1) The RDS certification strictly prohibits all types of live-plucking, that is, it prohibits the obtaining of feathers and down from live birds, preventing cruel practices in the interaction with animals.

2) It prohibits the force feeding of birds, another practice of animal abuse that is remaining in the past.

3) A constant respect when taking care of the animals in each process of their upbringing.

    4) Products certified with the Responsible Down Standard must be labeled. It is a process that we are carrying out and that will soon be displayed with pride in each of our feather products.

      5) Only brands and products that are 100% certified in obtaining feathers and down under the standards of responsibility can use the RDS logo.

      ¿How was our process of obtaining the certification?

      Before obtaining the Responsible Down Standard certification, Plumas always used materials obtained from farms that followed a standard against animal abuse, so from the beginning we decided to worry that there is no type of animal abuse or abuse accompanying our products.

      To obtain the certification, various audits were carried out with Control Union, inspecting that our suppliers comply with each process without any trace of animal abuse or cruelty. For this, both the state of the animals is reviewed in each part of the process, as well as each action that is carried out on the farm.

      In addition, audits were also carried out to check that no percentage of the materials obtained comes from non-certified farms, ensuring that they fully comply with the standards.

       Every year Control Union updates its conditions to continue with the RDS certification, ensuring more and more points in favor of strict respect and good care of animals. Soon you will be able to see our RDS certification label on our products, always using products free of animal abuse and cruelty.

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