guía de calidad de edredones - quality guide duvets

Infinity: It has extra large down flakes, longer and more abundant filaments that are able to trap more air inside; which enhances its power as a calorific insulator. Given the characteristics of the down, it is much more durable and maintains its fluffiness for years without caking.

Signature: Composed of pure down, which is exclusively found in the chest area of the bird. Great shelter capacity with the least possible weight. Extra soft to the touch. They provide a feeling of comfort ideal for a luxurious rest.

Premium: Composed of 50% down and 50% feather. Greater consistency and weight than Signature quality. Keeps the temperature stable for a deep sleep.

Classic: Combines 20% Down and 80% Feather. Feathers may be more noticeable to the touch. Exclusive quality from our online store.

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