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Our 100% feather pillow provides added firmness for a restful sleep. They have an excellent return and at the same time, they do not"push"the head up.


Weight approx=300 gr

Very versatile format designed for travel but also used for children's beds or a decorative element combining it with patterned covers.

CMS / INCH Alto / High  Ancho / Width
Estándar / Standard 45 / 18 65 / 26
Queen 50 / 20 70 / 28
King 50 / 20 90 / 35
Viajera / Traveler 30 / 12 50 / 20
Cuna / Crib 25 / 10 35 / 14

In order for your product to last optimally throughout the years, Plumas suggests that you follow the following care instructions:

- Wash in water at least 1 time a year.
- Use mild liquid soap and warm temperature.
- Wash cycle = Delicate clothes.
- Consider an extra rinse and spin cycle to remove any soap or water residue.
- Use a dryer, ideally with a cold temperature.
- Tip: Put a drying ball or tennis ball in the dryer to prevent the feather from caking.

A good sign that it is time to wash your down pillow or duvet is when it is knocked or shaken to puff up, it does not return to its original shape. Follow these tips to get your product looking like new again.
Plumas offers the lining and feather renewal service, to keep your pillow in optimal condition at all times. Write us at for more information.

Why buy a Plumas product?

Responsible Consumption

Our feathers and down come from farms with the international Responsible Down Standard certification, which guarantees that the animals have been treated with respect and humane treatment at all times.

Premium Textiles

We design all our collections using the best fabrics such as long staple cotton pima…ensuring the softness and durability of our products, to enjoy them over (and over) the years.

Quality guarantee

Plumas is the main supplier of Pillows, Duvets and Bedding for the most prestigious hotel chains in Peru and South America, guaranteeing a product that meets the highest quality standards.